Our Mission
No beauty barriers in sight.
My mission is to empower those who are blind or visually impaired to experience beauty by giving them the independence, accessibility and emotional joy to look and feel beautiful.

At Victorialand:

  • We believe that you don’t have to be visual to be visible.
  • We believe that the ability to look and feel beautiful, to creatively express yourself is a universal right. That’s why we’re not only changing the way the world sees beauty – we’re changing who it is for.
  • We believe in a barrier-free world and when you design for disability first, we create solutions that are not only inclusive but better for everyone.
  • We believe that pleasure is a priority for all people and beauty is about sensuality, tactility, fun and indulgence. We believe that beauty goes hand-in-hand with self-care and emotional wellness.

How We Do This

Finding the product:
We have created The CyR.U.S System of raised universal symbols, a proprietary tactile recognition system comprised of a universal set of raised symbols placed on packaging to facilitate product identification and usage. In the near future, our packages will be textured in such a way as to further identify a product profile as specifically VictoriaLand.

Auditory Product information and Reading Labels
Every VictoriaLand carton features an embossed QR code that users can scan using a screen reader app on their smartphones. It provides auditory product descriptions and usage instructions. We are currently enhancing these messages to include additional product and ingredient storytelling.

Enjoying the product
A product’s major point of differentiation is the sensorial effect it offers. We don’t always think about this because it happens so subconsciously. Its aroma, texture, immediate feel on your skin and the after-feel or slight residue all provide important sensory cues that reveal so much about the product and its benefits that can be experienced and enjoyed by all.

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