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Victoria Watts
The Victorialand Beauty Difference

Like many indie beauty brands, the genesis of VictoriaLand Beauty started with my personal quest to solve my own skincare concerns – in my case my severe hyperpigmentation. Nothing on the market seemed to solve my problem. And so, I created VictoriaLand Beauty - first in my kitchen – then in the lab.

Then, due to a life-changing event, I quickly switched gears.

Shortly after launching my brand, I learned that my fourth and youngest child, Cyrus, was born with a rare hereditary disorder that affects the retina with symptoms that include vision loss or blindness, retinal detachment, and strabismus. Cyrus is one of an estimated 2.2 million children in the world affected by visual impairment, according to the World Health Organization.

We spent hours shuttling Cyrus to doctors in the ophthalmology department at Boston Children’s Hospital.

As I watched Cyrus navigate his unsighted world every day, I became in awe of the mind-body connection and Cyrus’ ability to turn his other senses – especially touch – into “superpowers.” It was then that I became determined to offer the visually impaired the same ability to experience and enjoy beauty as my sited friends.

I started to experience the world through my son and realized this world could be a more inclusive place for the visually impaired. People who are visually impaired crave independence just like everyone else, and with today’s technology and resources, it should be a standard practice that products are packaged in a way that makes them accessible for all.

“Sometimes I envy Cyrus because of the way he looks at people, he judges them based on their smell, their voice, how they make him feel. It’s not about what they look like. Or what car they drive. It’s not about the clothing they have on. It’s so authentic.”

Behind the Name

Victory – from the Latin Victoria – denotes personal success or an achievement of mastery or success in a struggle or endeavor against odds or difficulties.

VictoriaLand is a place where struggles are transformed into successes, odds become opportunities, and we see beauty through all of our senses.

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