The CyR.U.S.™ System Of Raised Universal Symbols
Cyrus, smiling and wearing a white shirt and blue glasses
More Accessible to All

Braille is a beautiful and amazing language. Having said that, only 10% of the visually impaired community read braille. Combined with the fact that there are space restrictions on packaging, Braille is not the best solution when it comes to communicating to the visually impaired on packaged goods.

I also worked very closely with the Lighthouse Foundation, where a blind gentleman was instrumental in providing me with incredible insights on what the visually impaired community needs to achieve independence. After years of research and conducting several focus groups, I discovered is that combining a simple-to-use raised symbol system with technology we can effectively share product identification and product usage.

the Cyrus system library of 7 symbols and certification seal
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I hope that the CyR.U.S. System will one day become a universal standard and that companies across all industries will adopt it. For us to achieve maximum impact, this system needs to become universal. My belief is that when you make things accessible for people with special needs, you automatically make things better and easier for everyone.

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