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Meet Victoria

My Story

VictoriaLand…the happiest place on earth

The first question I’m usually asked is, “where did the name VictoriaLand Beauty come from?” So, that’s where my story begins…

My home is known to my family and friends as “VictoriaLand,” a name they created to convey its happy, fun, joyful spirit. It’s a place where we gather to laugh, cook and eat healthy food, exercise, play games and chat about everything and nothing.

The spirit and ethos of VictoriaLand is the way I try to live each daylive with intent, purpose and a healthy dose of fun. That said, I got sidetracked a few years ago when I was facing the emotional trauma of my marriage coming to an end. While this event took a toll on my overall well-being, it’s greatest impact was on my skin. Essentially, my biggest skin care challenges became exacerbatedit became oilier, more hyperpigmented (more dark spots) and seemed to be taking on an advanced aging process.

I soon got back to my center of gravity and focused my energies on making positive life changes. For me, that meant pursuing my passion for healthy living and making my relentless search for a skincare miracle a priority. I realized that the products that I was using, either through my dermatologist or otherwise, were not solving my skincare issues and their chemical-laden formulas were potentially harming my body.

Collage of VictoriaLand Beauty®'s CEO and Founder Victoria Watts life

VictoriaLand Beauty® Products Are:

The Mission

Our mission is to empower you with skin that looks and feels good enough to go naked. VLB’s multi-tasking skincare products feed the face with time-tested, natural wondersessential oils from plants, fruit and nut oils, active botanical extractsthat leave the skin primed and good to go with or without makeup. Whatever you choose, knowing that your skin is at its naked best feels really good. Enjoy!

Our core values guide the internal and external face of the brand as we strive to delight our customers every day.


Knowing that 60% of what you put on your skin gets directly absorbed into your body, VLB uses only “good for you ingredients.”


We use some of nature’s most powerful performers to create positive action without a negative reaction.
We tell it like it isfull ingredient listing outlining what’s natural or certified organic and what’s not.
We tell you what customers say about our products.
We provide you with product survey results.


We formulate our products without animal byproducts.
We never test our products on our furry friends because that’s just plain wrong!


We try to make it easy on your time and your wallet by creating multitasking products that address a myriad of skin challenges.


We give back to help our next wonders of the world through Boston Children’s Hospital and their efforts to bring health to sick children around the world.


We are forever inspired by the fun experiences we share with family and friends at Victorialand“the happiest place on earth.”
We encourage you to live by the Victorialand golden ruleenjoy a healthy dose of fun every day.

CEO and Founder of VictoriaLand Beauty® Natural Skincare Products Victoria Watts
CEO and Founder of VictoriaLand Beauty® Natural Skincare Products Victoria Watts and friends with our mantra: Natural is Sexy

CEO and Founder of VictoriaLand Beauty® Natural Skincare Products Victoria Watts CEO and Founder of VictoriaLand Beauty® Natural Skincare Products Victoria Watts and friends with our mantra: Natural is Sexy

VictoriaLand Beauty®'s CEO and Founder Victoria Watts in the kitchen mixing and blending ingredients high quality ingredients for high quality skincare products

VictoriaLand to the rescue…

Knowing that what you put on your body is as important as what you put into your body, I literally took my skincare challenges into my own hands. Using my knowledge of essential oils and natural skin care healers and age defiers, I started mixing up what seemed like hundreds of blends in my kitchen searching for the right formula.

Long days of mixing and blending —all with clean, naturally-derived ingredients—was the beginning of VictoriaLand Beauty (VLB). I initially started with small batches for my personal use and to share with family and friends who were there supporting me every step of the way.

After using VLB products for about one month, it was unanimous…we all agreed that there was something special about this line. As my BFF said, “Wow! Our skin looks and feels good enough to go naked!”

VictoriaLand Beauty Launches…

These inspiring results led to the launch of VLB through a branded website and distribution in several boutiques in Naples, FL, the home of VLB.

I’m now ready to share these natural wonders with you. Please join us“Go Naked” with VLB’s skin-loving formulas!

Go Naked with VictoriaLand Beauty®