Friends With Benefits Rewards Club for VictoriaLand Beauty

Friends With Benefits

Join our Friends With Benefits Rewards Club!

Hello Lovies!

Did you know Victoria and her bffs brought VictoriaLand to life? Now’s your chance to become a part of her squad! Join our Friends With Benefits Rewards club today- whenever you share the love, we’ll love you right back … with swag! Here’s how to earn points, or Kisses as Victoria likes to call them:

  • Sealed with a Kiss

    Earn Kisses every time you shop. Each dollar spent earns you 1 Kiss. The more Kisses you collect, the more rewards you get!

  • In a Relationship with VLB

    Create a VictoriaLand Beauty account and receive 150 Kisses. It’s that easy!

  • Sweet Talk

    Write a review for one of your favorite VLB products and collect 100 Kisses.

  • Menage a Trois

    Refer 3 friends through email or social media and earn 300 Kisses. When your BFF completes a purchase, you earn an extra 50 Kisses!


Earn 1 Kiss for every dollar you spend on our website.

100 Kisses = $5 Off

200 Kisses = $10 Off

400 Kisses = $20 Off

600 Kisses = $30 Off

1000 Kisses = $50 Off

Friends With Benefits Levels



600 Kisses brings you to our Lover status and your reward is a lovely VLB Beauty Pouch.



At 800 Kisses you’re definitely a keeper – status update! Let the good vibes roll with your free Quartz Roller!



With 1000 Kisses you will be the Queen VLB. You, Miss Beauty Queen, have earned the royal treatment and will receive a set of our Skin-Loving Minis!

Love Machine

Spend your Kisses by redeeming them for dollar discounts on your purchases. Our Love Calculator will let you know how many Kisses you are eligible to redeem at checkout. Kisses cannot be combined with coupon codes.


To get started, simply click on “Join FWB” or click the account icon in the top navigation and create an account. You’ll get 150 Kisses just for joining today!

You can track your Kisses and rewards at any time by logging into your account and going to Rewards. There you’ll be able to redeem your accumulated Kisses for discounts.

You can redeem Kisses by logging into your account, then going to Rewards. Simply follow instructions on how to manage your rewards.

Unfortunately, no. Kisses for “Join the love” action are only available to new subscribers after the launch of the FWB program.

For every $1 spent on the purchase of a product, you receive 1 Kiss. Kisses are not issued for any amount spent on taxes or shipping costs. Thus, reward Kisses are only earned for money actually spent on the product on our VictoriaLand Beauty website only.

No way. As long as you have an account with us, our Kisses are forever.

Please follow the steps of our return process; once your return has been processed, your Kisses will be added back to your account.