Dare To Go Naked Challenge Results

Skin-Loving Elixir Revitalizing Face Oil


93% said their skin felt softer, smoother and more hydrated
85% said it improved skin tone and texture
85% who used it under their moisturizer noticed a positive difference in their skin
67% noticed a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
55% of those affected saw a reduction in hyperpigmentation


75% said their skin looked and felt good enough to Go Naked
81% were satisfied with product performance
91% of challenge participants would consider buying

Skin-Loving Elixir in white bottle with pink writing on white background with packaging beside

The VLB face serum worked wonders on my skin. I began using all three VLB products three weeks prior to my wedding with hopes of improving my skin for the big day. I cannot begin to express how satisfied I am with my results!

I absolutely love the product!! I get compliments all the time now and I see the difference in my skin and I love it!! I couldn’t be happier with my results and I will forever use VLB PRODUCTS.

This is an amazing product. It feels incredibly light on your skin. I love how great my skin looks after only a few days.

Love this serum! Was very light and yet still effective great for our southern climate. Would highly recommend this skin care line.

After 7 days, I went to visit my daughter and she couldn’t believe the difference! And, I couldn’t convince the Uber driver that I had a college-aged daughter 🙂

This product is not just for women I use it after I shave to hydrate and to take away irritations from the razor and repair of my skin.

I love the texture of the oil. It’s not super oily- it’s soft and soaks in to hydrate. It’s an incredible product.

This product is amazing! I have combination skin, which can be tricky, yet this product helped even out skin tone without being too oily or dry.

Fantastic product I literally couldn’t believe the results!

My skin was so smooth and hydrated after using this oil for 7 days.

Great product. My skin is glowing!

Skin-Loving Treatment For Eyes And Lips


97% said skin around eyes and lips looked and felt hydrated
96% liked the idea of a multitasking product to treat eyes & lips
82% said skin around eyes looked firmer and smoother
75% saw fine line and wrinkle reduction around eyes
74% said skin around lips looked firmer and smoother


74% said skin around eyes and lips looked and felt good enough to Go Naked
94% were satisfied with product performance
98% of challenge participants would consider buying

Skin-Loving Eye and Lip Treatment in pink tube with packaging on white background

The tiny lines around my eyes were diminished with this product – my skin seemed to be more hydrated and plumped up.

Having been in the cold weather of Boston with the heat on my lips and eyes, my skin was very dry. When I took the survey and used this product, I was completely amazed at how it moisturized and plumped my skin. I would highly recommend.

This was my first experience with a VictoriaLand Beauty products, and I’m very impressed and satisfied with it. As someone with very dry skin, this has kept me in tip-top shape during the colder winter temperatures which are usually brutal for my skin.

I loved the luxurious feel to the cream and the clean fresh scent.

Skin-Loving Moisturizer Nourishing Face And Neck Cream


91% noticed brighter looking skin
84% noticed increased firmness
72% noticed a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
65% noticed reduced sagging
51% noticed reduced hyperpigmentation/brown spots


81% said skin around face and neck felt good enough to Go Naked
96% were satisfied with product performance
98% of challenge participants would consider buying

Skin-Loving Moisturizer for face and neck in white container with pink,yellow and white packaging on white background

After applying, my face felt tighter, I could feel it tightening up. I did notice my neck tighter. People remark on what dream skin I have since I started your products last February.

I love the consistency of the cream. I absolutely love the way it makes my skin glow and being almost 66 that’s a miracle!

I noticed a big difference in the overall look of my skin. My skin was noticeably brighter and skin tone more even. I felt like my skin was glowing and also got some compliments. I also noticed my skin felt more hydrated.

I have been using this product for longer than 7 days and I definitely see the results. I love it so much. I won’t go back to any other product!

I really liked this formulation. My skin seemed more radiant and plumped. Thank you!

I have received so many compliments on how dewy and hydrated my skin looks and I love the fresh, clean scent. I positively plan to continue using the Victorialand Beauty products.

Love the feel and look of my skin. I even get compliments on my “glowing” complexion!

Best face cream I have used. My skin looks youthful and glows!

Really enjoy the texture of the moisturizer. The results were great.

I definitely noticed that my skin was tighter and had a nice glow! The moisturizer seemed to stay with me all day without feeling dry.

I found the product incredible. I like the texture and the way it absorbs into my skin. I will continue to use this product.

Skin-Loving Sleep Mask CBD-Infused Skin Perfector


97% said their skin felt softer, smoother, and more hydrated
94% said it left their skin looking brighter and more refreshed
88% said it left skin looking firmer
81% noticed a reduction in fine lines and wrinkle


88% said skin looked and felt good enough to #Go Naked
97% were satisfied with product performance
99% of challenge participants would consider buying

I LOVE it! I’ve used it daily, I wake up and my face still feels moisturized which has never been the case with me.

This mask is incredible; I can’t wait till the full size is launched. Right away noticeable benefits were smoothness, softness of skin. The brightness and hydration of my skin reached another level. Thank You for creating this amazing product.

I have been using VLB products for 3 years. VLB has hit it out of the park with the CBD infused sleep mask. I live in Colorado where it’s very dry. I put my sleep mask on before bed and wakeup with moisturized skin! The texture of the sleep mask is silky smooth and applies easily. This is my favorite VLB product!

It really made my skin feel and look brighter. Loved it!

The CBD overnight mask is life changing!