The CyR.U.S. System Of Raised Universal Symbols

My 3-year-old son Cyrus is one of the estimated 2 million children in the world affected by visual impairment. He was born with a genetic disease known as familial exudative vitreoretinopathy (FEVR) that affects the retina with symptoms that include vision loss or blindness, retinal detachment and strabismus. Cyrus is impacted by all of these impairments.

Watching Cyrus navigate his unsighted world every day, I am in awe of the mind-body connection and its ability to transform his other senses into “super powers,” particularly his sense of touch. This divine wonder led to the creation of The CyR.U.S. System of Raised Universal Symbols, a proprietary tactile recognition system comprised of a universal set of raised symbols on VLB packaging to facilitate product identification.

Night Cream Raised Universal Symbol

night cream

Face Oil Raised Universal Symbol

face oil

Eye and Lip Cream Raised Universal Symbol

eye/lip cream

Facial Moisturizer Raised Universal Symbolr

facial moisturizer

The Need

With over 1.3 billion people affected by visual impairment, easily accessible product packaging is a must. Most brands, big and small, have not recognized this need. In fact, utilizing braille or any other form of raised symbols in the packaging and labelling industries are rare phenomenons. While some countries within the EU require the use of braille on pharmaceutical packaging, the same does not apply to commercial product packaging manufacturers who are free to choose whether they include braille or not. As most of them opt not to, many people affected by visual impairment have to rely on other people to help them put the right products in their shopping carts and apply the proper products in their bathrooms. Victorialand Beauty is on a mission to fix this problem. We hope to inspire brands in the beauty industry and beyond to create and manufacture products easily accessible by all consumers. If you make things accessible for all, you automatically make things easier for everyone. Help us to spread the VLB Love!