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11 11, 2019

(Don’t) Do It Yourself Skincare: Home Ingredients You Should Never Use on Your Face

2020-03-11T11:05:46-04:00November 11th, 2019|Skin Care, Victoria's Tips and Tricks|0 Comments

There are 47 million Instagram hashtags for #DIY. It's a hot topic for everything from home décor to crafting, and of course beauty. DIY skincare is hyped as a safe and affordable alternative to store-bought products. Just because it can grow in your backyard or exists in your medicine cabinet, doesn't mean it's good for your skin. Looking into [...]

4 11, 2019

How to Achieve Healthy Skin This Winter

2019-11-22T15:34:14-05:00November 4th, 2019|Skin Care, Victoria's Tips and Tricks|0 Comments

The winter season can bring many long, cold and dry days. This weather can leave your skin dry, dull and flaky. Your skin is an extremely important part of your overall health, and not keeping it healthy (and hydrated) can be a big problem. Continue reading for tips on keeping your skin healthy, naturally. Avoid These Unhealthy Skin Care [...]

25 10, 2019

You’ll Fall In Love With These Unique Eyeliner Trends

2020-03-11T10:46:35-04:00October 25th, 2019|Skin Care, Victoria's Tips and Tricks|0 Comments

There are days when we all want to try something new with our makeup. Unique eyeliner trends are the perfect way to take your makeup look to the next level without looking too over the top. Inspired by some of the biggest runway eyeliner trends created by famous makeup artists, we are going to show you everything from simple [...]

21 10, 2019

The Danish Concept of Hygge: What It Is, and Why It’s So Cool Right Now

2020-03-11T11:06:17-04:00October 21st, 2019|Family, Victoria's Tips and Tricks|0 Comments

Think about how you started the day. Did you reach for your phone to catch up on emails, Facebook chatter, Twitter notifications, and Instagram posts? Did you open your iPad to see what’s trending in the media? Will you toggle between apps, screens, podcasts, and Spotify playlists throughout the day? Did you spend dinner more fully engaged with your [...]

14 10, 2019

Nobody Has Time For It: Look Great in a Time-Friendly Manner

2020-03-11T11:06:31-04:00October 14th, 2019|Skin Care, Victoria's Tips and Tricks|0 Comments

You’re sure to want to look as good as possible once you leave the house. Regardless if you’re going to work or out on a date, taking the time to appear as attractive as you can is important. The good news is you don’t have to spend hours trying to do so when you rely on time management tips. [...]

4 10, 2019

7 Reasons You Should be #1 on Your To-Do List

2019-11-22T15:40:05-05:00October 4th, 2019|Family, Victoria's Tips and Tricks|0 Comments

And why we need to keep it that way. Sometimes I feel like a broken record, constantly advocating the benefits of self-care and how this practice has transformed my life over the last 15 years. But this past week confirmed for me that this message is one we all need to hear, again and again. I was leading a [...]

29 09, 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Skincare Products and How Often to Use Them

2020-03-11T11:44:27-04:00September 29th, 2019|Skin Care, Victoria's Tips and Tricks|0 Comments

You probably wouldn’t go all day without a shower or neglect to brush your teeth in the morning, but you might just be neglecting to give the largest organ in your body enough TLC. Your skin does some seriously heavy lifting to protect your body from chemicals and microorganisms. It needs to be primed and ready to respond to [...]

20 09, 2019

How To Sleep Better

2019-11-22T15:42:16-05:00September 20th, 2019|Victoria's Tips and Tricks|0 Comments

Are you getting enough sleep? Are you getting the right kind? And if not, what can be done about it? Anyone who has laid in bed listening to the foxes and burglars going about their nocturnal activities, all the while urging sleep to descend, will know all about the power of insomnia. This silent foe can leave you with [...]

20 09, 2019

8 Hardworking Moms Reveal Their Secrets to Finding Work-Life Balance

2020-03-11T11:07:27-04:00September 20th, 2019|Family|0 Comments

These mothers of big and little kids share their brilliant strategies. There's no denying that working moms are masters at multitasking. But between changing diapers, setting up playdates and juggling conference calls, today's career women are struggling to live up to unrealistic expectations. Not only are they carpooling, cooking dinner and creating Pinterest-worthy birthday parties. They're also spending countless [...]

12 09, 2019

What Are The Top Health And Beauty Tips For Aging Women?

2020-03-11T10:57:42-04:00September 12th, 2019|Skin Care, Victoria's Tips and Tricks|0 Comments

As you probably already know, these days it is possible to look great at almost any age. Whether you're in your teens or late 60s, you can still look youthful and healthy. It just usually means taking the necessary steps to keep your appearance in tiptop shape. Choosing to not care for your skin can mean that later your [...]

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