There are so many typical Valentine’s Day gifts out there like, chocolate, flowers and Champaign.  Don’t get me wrong, I like them all especially chocolate, yum.  Sometimes you want to break out of the norm and do something a bit risqué.  Have you ever considered boudoir photography?  If you decide to gift your spouse or significant other some hot-ass photos of yourself, let’s make sure they’re sexy and as non-cheesy as possible.

Before booking your boudoir photo shoot, load up on some great lingerie, like Agent Provocateur or La Perla.  Victoria Secret also has a variety of looks that are reasonably priced.  Forget the Valentine’s Day red, leopard print and white.  Go for classic black or gold if it’s sheer.

Find a photographer that you feel comfortable with. If you feel uncomfortable the minute you meet with them, that’s a sure sign you will look uncomfortable in your photos.  Choose someone you can trust or better yet, ask your girlfriend that owns that great camera to take those half naked photos.

Drink plenty of water- yes you should put this tip on repeat.  I can’t emphasize enough how it improves your skin. While you’re at it, avoid any foods that will make you bloat.  Feeling full while half-naked simply won’t work.

Get a spray tan.  It hides cellulite and blemishes all while making everything look better and toned.  For the best results, let a professional do it.

Have your playlist ready and blast that music.  It will set the tone for your photo shoot so choose music that will make you feel nice and sexy.

When photography comes into play, lighting is truly essential.  Natural lighting works best especially with an amateur photographer.  If you can go outside without being arrested for indecent exposure, go for it.  If that’s not an option for you, find a room that gets tons of natural light.  The best time to shoot is at either dawn or dusk when there is no risk for harsh shadows.

Switch up your look for your Valentine’s Day photo shoot. Change up your hair and makeup.  Wear your hair in a way that’s appealing but not how you would normally wear it.  If you wear very light makeup then go for smoky eyes and red lipstick.

Practice your poses.  Even professional models practice until they find the look that works best for them. Arch your back, pout your lips but don’t actually blow a kiss so you don’t appear strained, put one leg in front of the other, you get the idea here.

The key here is to have fun with it. This Valentine’s Day make your gift sexy, cool and fun.

Xo, Victoria