As the holidays approach, so does the glitz and glamour of the season.  The dazzling dresses and glamorous party outings are all the rage!  These holiday makeup trends are a must to complete your look.  Here are some of my holiday makeup go-to’s that will make you sparkle.

  • Glitter it Up
    There’s something about that sparkly swoop of color that can add vibrance to your look.   Opt for a bright eye shadow with shimmer.  That will add that extra “Wow” to your holiday look.
  • Magenta Baby! Magenta, orchid, hot pink, whichever you like to call it. It’s simply one of those colors that you want to wear this holiday season. Plus it just happens to be our VLB statement color!  Pair it with a bare face and glossy lips and that would be the rad look to wear to any festive occasion.
  • Inky Lips Please – One of my holiday piece de resistance: inky lips.  Why? Well, it can be the only makeup you wear while you create a look all on its own.  Dark burgundy or red lipstick is all you need to create that mysteriously, glam look that will shout “see you at the bar!”
  • Blush-As-Eyeshadow? – Yes, you got that right!  I’ve been obsessed with the blush-as-eyeshadow draping technique.  All you have to do is use one shade of blush from cheekbone to browbone.  Add a lot of highlight and you’ll be gleaming your New Year’s night away.
  • MEOW!!! – I know that was pretty lame, lol.  All joking aside.  Tis the season for cat-eyes.  It’s a bit tricky to master the look so keep practicing because this look is here to stay.  It’s become the new classic.  Once mastered, you’re golden.
  • Falsies – What better time to glam it up than now!  Break out those false lashes you’ve been meaning to try and get your alluring look on.  It’s easy to use and can dress up any look in a pinch. 

I look forward to all your holiday looks and comments on my Facebook Page.  Wishing you all a safe and joyous holiday season!