The VLB team was thrilled to recently exhibit at the Independent Beauty Expo in NYC. I met so many inspiring and supportive industry experts, consumers and press.  A question that came up with many was, “What type of skin types does your VLB line work best for.”  My answer, “I don’t believe in skin types.”

Folks – we’ve been misled this whole time!  There is no such thing as skin types like dry, oily or combination skin – just skin conditions that are affected by hormones, environmental factors, food and hydration.  In reality, we need products that will work on our conditions. If you think I am the only who thinks this, you are wrong.  Industry leaders, dermatologists and even aestheticians that treat celebrities from the likes of Madonna to Gwyneth Paltrow agree with this revelation.

I spent thousands of dollars on products and treatments recommended to me based on my skin type – nothing worked. When developing VLB, it was my mission to create products that were effective and consumers would see improvements in their skin conditions. I am proud to say that our VLB core products are multi-tasking and will combat different skin conditions including rosacea, pigmentation, psoriasis, and wrinkles.

Does your skin feel dry and flaky?  It’s thirsty–drink more water and stop using products with harsh chemicals.  Does it seem oily on more days than it’s dry?  Then your skin needs more oil.  Crazy right?!  In this case use our VLB Skin-Loving Elixir Revitalizing Face Oil.

Exfoliation is key to getting deep clean skin.  Exfoliating skin is important especially in the evening when you need to wash out all the environmental impurities of the day and product build-up such as SPF creams that can easily absorb into the body if not washed properly.

After exfoliating all the toxins away, be sure to apply enough product when applying creams.  If they absorb quickly, it simply means your skin is dry and you need to apply more.  While you’re at it avoid harsh treatments.   Treat your skin as gently as you would a baby’s skin.  Using harsh products will cause premature aging—NOBODY WANTS THAT!!

Our VLB Skin-Loving Elixir Revitalizing Face Oil, VLB Skin-Loving Moisturizer Nourishing Face and Neck Cream and VLB Skin-Loving Treatment for Eyes and Lips are made with time tested natural ingredients that are gentle to the skin while delivering serious results for all skin conditions. Mission Accomplished!

What do you think about skin type vs skin conditions?  I’d love to hear from you on my VictoriaLand Beauty Facebook Page and Instagram.

Xo Victoria