While I love all of my children dearly, there is a 2 year old that has truly captured my heart – my son Cyrus. Cyrus was born visually impaired due to a genetic disease, FEVR. I share his story with all of my BFFs now, on the VictoriaLand Beauty website, not only because my love for him leaves me weak in the knees but because I am so grateful to the doctors and nurses at the Boston Children’s Hospital. They have given my family hope regarding Cyrus’ vision future. In response, I am proud to announce the VictoriaLand Beauty Giving Back Program, with an ongoing commitment of 2% of VLB proceeds to be donated the BCH’s Dream Dare Deliver campaign. The proceeds will specifically go towards the Ophthalmology Department, their life-changing research and their treatment development program for FEVR. Our VictoriaLand Beauty donations will provide surgeries to remove cataracts, help build confidence for those who have suffered traumatic eye injuries, and make seeing possible for those struggling with vision impairment since birth.

For this month only, in honor of Child Vision Awareness Month and Vision Research Month, I have decided to increase VLB donations to 10% of all sales purchased in June to the Boston Children’s Hospital campaign. It is so important to me that this hospital gets the funding it deserves to truly leave no sick child behind, and that children like my Cyrus have the care, resources and support they need to live a full and brighter life. When my family was first navigating the waters of how to treat Cyrus’s condition, it was devastatingly scary and painful not knowing what to do and how to help our little boy. BCH changed everything. Their compassion and understanding of our situation was a breath of fresh air. This is the least I can do to repay their kindness.

Now please, go treat yourself to a new bottle of VictoriaLand Beauty Skin Loving products. Your support will go a long way to helping the Boston Children’s Hospital Ophthalmology Department bring a smile to hundreds of beautiful, fun-loving, grateful faces.

Xo Victoria